United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


CORE Kids are very committed to reducing
our carbon footprint and aligning ourselves
with the UN SDGs to help meet the global
2030 deadline.
We understand the impact and responsibility
that we as individuals and as businesses
must collectively strive for in order to
protect and conserve this amazing planet on
which we live in. Not only for ourselves but
for future generations. We want to raise
kind, compassionate humans, that have
access to clean water, education, health,
and everything that this planet has to offer.
Our company strategy is to align ourselves
with our priority SDGs and intertwine these
into our daily business. Remembering kids
are at the CORE (Connection Optimal well
being Resilience and Emotional intelligence)
of all we do.

Priority SDGs
There are 17 SDGs and 169 targets in total. While they are all important and
interrelated, some will be more relevant to your organization than others. This section
can identify the specific SDGs and targets you are prioritizing, and demonstrate how
they align with your own strategy and goals.

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