Our Vision


Helping develop a secure attachment in the early years, where children are confident to explore their outside world and come back to their safe haven for comfort.

Optimal well-being

To teach children early on the benefits of caring for themselves. Helping adults with the same.


Giving children the skills to cope with challenges in a positive healthy manner

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Anything to do with emotions! Teaching emotion regulation, emotional intelligence and emotion coaching

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We want to positively contribute to the well-being of children in the crucial early years, to help provide them with important life-long skills to help better cope with the challenge's life brings and build secure relationships.

We aim to teach these essential skills of emotion regulation, resilience, emotional intelligence and learning to respect themselves and others in a fun learning environment.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons - Jerry Smith

The reason behind CORE Kids.

There is extensive research and evidence to show that early intervention has the best long-term effects in reducing future mental health and anti-social health problems.

We wanted to positively contribute to the lives of as many children as possible to give them the best start possible in life.

We acknowledge children are confident, capable learners and the language of children is play. We aim to teach children in a warm, positive learning environment filled with fun and play.