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Rainbow Sprinkles

CORE Kids Store

Shop CORE Kids range of eco-friendly yoga mats, mindfulness and social-emotional learning products for your home, classroom or yoga class.

CORE Kids Store -

The CORE Kids Store has a range of mindfulness and social emotional learning products.


CORE Kids x Kasey Rainbow

Meet Kasey Rainbow. First things first: Yup - Rainbow is her real surname. And as her name suggests, she is a lady of many colours.

Kasey Rainbow is a star of the Australian art and design world who is the epitome of her own Live Bright ethos. Based in Brisbane’s Bayside, Kasey brings her passion for colour to creating a unique style that oozes personality and radiates happiness. Kasey has always been a creative at heart, but after purchasing an iPad back in 2017, she discovered a new love of digital art and design. After months of playing and hours of YouTube tutorials, Kasey dove headfirst into the wonderful world of fabric and textile design. Completely self-taught, Kasey is quickly becoming a well-known and exciting new name in the wonderful world of design. And when she's not drawing or designing? You can find Kasey making the most of each day with family and friends, eating one too many tacos and raising her margarita to a colourful life! 


CORE Kids product range

Nicole has used her extensive background in Child and Family Mental Health Nursing to develop a range of products including Mindfulness cards, Affirmation Cards, affirmation pencils, love letter cards and more.

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Care Bears x CORE Kids

We Care-A-Lot about the mental health and wellbeing of the next generation.

CORE Kids teamed up with Care Bears in their 40th anniversary year, to bring you the most magical range of Care Bear adult and child yoga mats.  We aim to widen the audience and message of the positive benefits of yoga and mindfulness in children and teenagers. We care! about “happy minds, healthy bodies and full hearts”.
Care Bears x CORE Kids for calm, connected kids.
Caring is Magic.


CORE Kids x Lordy Dordie

Georgie creates art with a positive, healthy, happy, and joyful message. Based in Brisbane, Australia her colour and beautiful personality shines far and wide.


Keys of Kindness - Children's book on kindness

Nicole has written a resource for parents, educators and teachers on kindness. Visit for more information. Available to purchase from the CORE Kids Store.

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